Ricardo Arjona – Now on sale

The Guatemalan artist has one of the most daring challenges of his career on his hands. After months of receiving multiple invitations to perform live streaming, he decides on the most difficult of all, but without a doubt, the most exciting. MAKING A LIVE IN HIS OWN COUNTRY of him, he FROM OLD GUATEMALA, THE LAND WHERE HE WAS BORN AND ON ONE OF THE MOST EMBLEMATIC MONUMENTS OF THE PLACE.

As if this were not enough, lit only by candles without artificial light. More than 5 thousand candles will take care of this and in order not to take risks, a general rehearsal had to be carried out which luckily passed all the tests.

Perhaps the most difficult part of this project is the fact of what to call it before the permanent parade of live streams that unleashed in times of pandemic. There were all kinds of them, made from the sofa in the houses of some artists, even in empty stadiums with all the production of a normal tour.

Calling it another “live” would not be the right thing to do. After this first test, what Arjonagenerá is a LIVE RITUAL with more than 30 musicians that cannot be compared with anything that has been done. The task is not easy, it was necessary to do a general rehearsal of the concert to ensure that the 5 thousand candles that will illuminate the place will be enough to photograph the event and carefully follow all the sound care so as not to affect the monument. The result was as expected and everyone is ready for the live broadcast of this event that will take place on April 10, 2021

This will be a live ritual where the artist will get closer than ever to his followers and will interpret many of the songs that people expect, and also songs from his most recent work “Blanco” (2020)

MADE A LA ANTIGUA should not be added to the live streaming that people saw this last year. It will be an event with nuances of intimacy and complicity that will make it unique in this genre.

Ricardo Arjona – Now on sale