Escenas de la vida conyugal

Ricardo Darín returns to the stage with what he considers to be the most important acting commitment of his career.

Accompanied by Andrea Pietra and always under the attentive direction of Norma Aleandro Escenas de la vida conjugal begins a new triumphal season with performances.

In this theatrical version that Ingmar Bergman made of his film of the same name, the author introduces us to Juan and Mariana – his two main characters – telling the public a sequence of scenes that has to do with the relationship they have during their marriage and the one they they will continue to carry even after being divorced. The veracity with which these instances are represented makes it impossible for the audience to not identify with at least some of the reactions of their characters, which can be both funny and dramatic but always have to do with love and the human condition. which is where the great success of this work lies.

Scenes from married life has already been seen by more than 350,000 spectators throughout its more than 450 performances in Argentina, Spain, Uruguay, Chile and Peru.

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